Big Data

Rapid Application Development

Our customers operate in extremely fast paced environments with rapidly evolving requirements and competing priorities. In order to achieve success given these factors, organizations have relied on Data Works to seek out and employ technical solutions that promote rapid application development, advocate flexible and extensible software, and develop rich and engaging user experiences.

Data Works has built applications to quickly detect patterns, sift through large volumes of data, and help users proactively act on incoming information. Grails based web application servers paired with rich web clients written in Ext JS have enabled us to iteratively deliver full featured functionality to production. These technologies have significantly increased developer productivity and take advantage of the well supported Java platform and ecosystem. Data Works has integrated third-party libraries and tools to summarize vast amounts of data visually. Data Visualization has allowed users to see the big picture without having to dig through every record. Our expertise in building large-scale applications ensures that we always factor in performance and scalability. This combination has produced outstanding results and solved our customer’s biggest challenges.