For our Summer internship project, we aimed to use Garmin Athletic Watches to collect GPS data from our selected activities.  Our initial goal was to use Google Maps and Twitter’s API for visualization purposes. Using this framework, we collaborated amongst ourselves to create an application capable of viewing and analyzing each individual’s activities utilizing technologies that are relevant to industry.

Using a combination of Pentaho and Python, the data from the Garmin watches were pulled into a PostgreSQL database. Following through with the use of Apache Spark, we were able to send that data into an Elasticsearch index to be used with social media APIs for fast querying and displaying of relevant information.

With AngularJS, we aggregated all the information into one website. A user’s coordinates were displayed on a Google Map, tracking most frequent locations and deviations of typical paths. Using the user’s coordinates and timestamps, we dynamically displayed the Twitter activity happening around the user, as well as any businesses with a Yelp profile in the user’s immediate area. Summary graphs were displayed to track the amount of calories a user was burning, as well as how far the user was travelling from day to day.

This internship has been an invaluable experience. We have been exposed to in demand technology, expanded our critical thinking skills, and developed traits prized by employers in industry.

All of our code for Data Walks can be found at