Category: ‘AngularJS’

Summer Internship 2017: Project SIFT

Jul 27 2017

Overview Unlike past years, our internship project focused on addressing a customer problem while using technologies similar to those used on Data Works projects. SIFT (Data Miner) is a data triage tool meant to aid ETL efforts, specifically in processing data backlogs. At its core, SIFT is a machine learning based attribute classification tool that […]

Summer Internship 2016: Project SmartHire

Jul 29 2016

At the beginning of our nine week internship, we were given a real world problem to solve. Many companies have to go through hundreds or sometimes thousands of resumes every year, and SmartHire was developed to help cut down the time it takes to go through all of these. We have created a web application […]

Summer Internship 2015: Project Data Walks

Jul 31 2015

For our Summer internship project, we aimed to use Garmin Athletic Watches to collect GPS data from our selected activities.  Our initial goal was to use Google Maps and Twitter’s API for visualization purposes. Using this framework, we collaborated amongst ourselves to create an application capable of viewing and analyzing each individual’s activities utilizing technologies […]