AWS re:invent – Review from a novice

Oct 27 2015

I recently attend the AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas. It has become an annual trip for many but this was a first for me. My goal was to get exposure to their service offerings and see what the buzz is about. Up until the conference I had zero hands-on experience, but rather heard from […]

Data Works named as one of the Top 50 Great Places to Work

Oct 23 2015

We are proud to announce that Data Works has been named as one of the Top 50 Great Places to Work in the Washington, DC area by Washingtonian Magazine. The Washingtonian Top 50 Great Places to Work list covers a wide range of organizations including government contractors, information-technology firms, government agencies and non-profits. This is […]

SpringOne2GX 2015 Recap

Sep 27 2015

Last week I was at SpringOne2GX ( in Washington, DC. Here are some takeaways on the various talks I attended along with my general impressions of the conference itself. There was a wide range of topics organized by various tracks which worked out pretty well. At my day job, we have a large Grails 2 […]

UberConf 2015 Recap

Aug 06 2015

One of the advantages of attending UberConf over No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) is the larger number of sessions and the ability to provide more in-depth coverage during sessions.  The sessions that I found most interesting from UberConf 2015 were the ones related to Java 8, Groovy, and Big Data. The all-day Functional Programming in […]

Summer Internship 2015: Project Data Walks

Jul 31 2015

For our Summer internship project, we aimed to use Garmin Athletic Watches to collect GPS data from our selected activities.  Our initial goal was to use Google Maps and Twitter’s API for visualization purposes. Using this framework, we collaborated amongst ourselves to create an application capable of viewing and analyzing each individual’s activities utilizing technologies […]