Data Works co-founders Dave and Nick have both had entrepreneurial spirits from the start. Nick was involved with Virginia Tech’s emerging business innovation group while Dave was inspired by the dotcom boom and promise of technology. In 2002, they started working together developing software at a large consulting firm. While working to integrate a number of critical software systems, a strong collaborative spirit was built across different functional teams and relationships were forged with like-minded entrepreneurial peers.


Data Works Inc, was founded on the simple goal of building a company the founders would be proud to be a part of. Dave and Nick both agreed that an IT services company must be a place where employees are proud to work, which would then breed better project experiences and increasingly satisfied customers. The first and most important objective was to seek out highly-skilled professionals that could deliver production-ready systems. Data Works built an excellent compensation and benefits package in order to attract this top talent, and emphasis was placed on locating challenging and interesting work to help foster career growth.


Data Works broke through and started formal operations on multiple major Big Data systems. Well before Big Data was a common industry buzz word, the company was helping the customer design and develop high volume, real-time oriented data correlation systems. Being an early player in the Big Data space, Data Works was able to meet the right industry partners and develop the expertise to exceed expectations and deliver mission critical systems to production.


Data Works had a solid foundation in both Big Data and Analytics, and was primed to further advance its reach to new customers. The strong foundation had been built, and Data Works blossomed into a well positioned company with an exceptional workforce. The organic growth strategy has allowed the company to preserve the Data Works culture, expanding our team with only top notch technical talent.


Data Works continues to be a growing force and innovator in the Federal Big Data and Analytics markets. At the core of the company is the same can-do attitude and prideful core values that started it all, enabling each Data Works employee to take on increasingly challenging opportunities.